“I have received training from Steve for close to 6 years and he is extremely personable and knowledgable! He cares about his clients as individuals and gears his programming towards their personal goals. I had a severe knee injury a few years back, put me on my butt for months…I came crutching in to the gym begging for them to give me something to do. They got me through my injury one step at a time, picking me up, building my confidence, and coaching me back to 110%. I couldn’t thank them enough.”

“I first met Steve while I was training and coaching at a martial arts and fitness gym. It was very apparent to me after a short while that Steve really knew his stuff and was great at working with clients from basic beginners to more experienced athletes alike. Shortly thereafter I began personal training with Steve to improve my overall athleticism and strength. The gains I made in only a short time were better than any others I have experienced. Steve was also great at being an encouraging and motivating trainer, while still keeping the environment fun and welcoming. He listened to my specific goals and helped me double my strength and endurance, while keeping me quick and flexible for my martial arts training. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone just looking to get in better shape, or take his or her strength and athleticism to the next level. Steve is super knowledgeable and a great guy! You won’t be disappointed!

“I have known Steve for over 5 years now and would/will recommend him to ANYBODY !! His knowledge on health and Fitness is amazing. If you really want to get into shape and be healthier than you are now,, get up off your couch and head to Franklin Personal Fitness today and let Steve help you reach the goals you want and more. One visit with Steve and you will see that he is really the best.”

“Great training, great atmosphere! Five months ago I was put in the hospital for idiopathic pancreatitis, I whittled away and lost 30lbs while laying in a hospital bed for almost 4 months and today I’m coming back stronger than ever! It’s all thanks to Steve Morris for helping me customize my workouts and helping me get back on track with my nutrition! I’ve put back on 10lbs and my muscles are popping again. You want a life changing experience… Check this guy out.”